The Memories Hidden In The Music

Everybody has a song that takes them back to a certain memory, time, place, and/or event from their past. Sometimes its not even their personal past but a time in history that fascinates the listener. That is why I hate this prompt so much. I have over 7000 songs in my iTunes library and listen to and know at least 80% of them. Of those 7000 songs i have just under 2000 individual songs on my iPhone that i listen to on a regular basis. Though I have certain playlists that I listen to more than others       I like to have my variety of music. At least 50% of that music in particular takes me back to a certain time or place in my past. The hardest part about this post is figuring out which song, time, and place of my life to discuss within the world wide web on this blogging web application known as WordPress. To name a few; I Go Back by Kenny Chesney, Growing Up by The Maine, Into Yesterday by Sugar Ray for some obvious reasons. I’m sure if anyone listens to any song by Kenny Chesney there is one or two lyrics in any song that takes them back to a happy time of their life. These are my top three songs for reminiscing on old memories, but if I had to pick one song that really sticks out to me as a song that takes me way back to a time in my childhood that I truly adore and miss dearly it would be Rodeo by Garth Brooks. My dad was the one who showed me this song when I must have been somewhere in my elementary school years. One thing you have to know about my dad is that he was pretty much the coolest guy in the world his entire life. He was born south of Chicago, grew up in Redondo Beach, went to college at a small Christian college in Indiana, and after college went to work as a wrangler for a dude ranch near Deckers, Colorado. It was at this dude ranch that he met my mother and began the rest of his life where my story began. Even though he was a California boy, my dad loved Colorado scenery and always wanted to be a cowboy. When Garth Brooks started changing the way that normal country music was and revolutionizing it into what it is now. What I mean by this is that before Garth country music was a guy standing on a stage holding a guitar strumming along with no excitement or anything, but Garth brought excitement similar to that of rock concerts to the country stage. The song was released two years prior to my birth which has little to do with my story but is a fun fact to know along the way. This is how the song opens up and is every reason why this song reminds me of the similarities in me and my dad. 

His eyes are cold and restless
His wounds have almost healed
And she’d give half of Texas
Just to change the way he feels

She knows his love’s in Tulsa
And she knows he’s gonna go
Well it ain’t no woman flesh and blood
It’s that damned old rodeo

Well it’s bulls and blood, it’s dust and mud
It’s the roar of a Sunday crowd, it’s the white in his knuckles
The gold in the buckle he’ll win the next go ’round
It’s boots and chaps, it’s cowboy hats
It’s spurs and latigo, it’s the ropes and the reins
And the joy and the pain and they call the thing rodeo

Growing up those lyrics just sounded harsh, powerful, manly, raw, emotional, and just plain awesome. Whenever I hear the song now or am even just reminded of it in some way shape or form, I still feel those same emotions about what it is describing as I felt when I was just a child. Though being a “cowboy” or “ranch-hand” is not what I am, it could be something I take part in the near future. Even if it is not, I will always be my father’s son and that song will always hold sentimental meaning to the strong relationship built between him and I.   


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