Week of September 17th

Well since we didn’t have a prompt due this week I figured I would put a post up about my week. It was a very busy week. It started on Monday back at my home with my family in Highlands Ranch, CO. My girl and I had plans to go to a concert at Red Rocks that night; Kid Cudi, Juicy J, Logic, Schoolboy Q, and Tyler The Creator were on the line up. Though Schoolboy Q apparently flaked out or something, the main reason I wanted to go was to see Tyler. The crowds reaction to Tyler’s music was hysterical, while I was rapping along to the lyrics and having the time of my life, everyone else didn’t know how to act. It is common knowledge that Tyler’s music is a bit edgy and crosses many lines, but that’s why I like it. The next day, Grand Theft Auto 5 was scheduled to release at midnight, so we planned on leaving the concert early to get on the road and head back to Grand Junction. On our way back I stopped at a GameStop in Avon and picked up the game, then continued our way to Junction. On Wednesday the new operating system for the software on my iPhone 5 became available.. Even though I had previously downloaded the software via backdoor third party unregistered downloads, I had subsequently gone back to iOS 6 so I could legitimately upgrade to iOS 7 like everyone else when it became available. I love iOS 7 though there are something’s I would change if I could. All week my routine consisted of going to class, coming home, eating, and playing GTA. And by Friday the story mode of the game was completed, although there are several side missions that still need to be finished. Monday is the start of a new week, who knows what it has in store for me.


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