Vining to the Aliens

With a six second video that all vine posts are limited to, there is not a whole lot of wiggle room with what we can show or tell the aliens about life on earth. The first thought that comes to my mind is for each millisecond allowed for the Vine video post, show a different snapshot of what humanity is like on earth. But then I questioned myself and asked, “Where would you start?” A picture of a child, to a picture of a different colored child, to a picture of a classroom, to a picture of different sporting events, to a picture of happiness, to a picture of sadness, to a picture of all the emotions, to a picture of graduation and that feeling of accomplishment. Finally, to a picture of a house overfilled with underage people at a party. But how do you explain in that one picture of a party what is really going on? You can’t. The one thing that the outside world, whether it be aliens or adults, is the desire and drive to “party” in college. Why do college students choose to drink in excess, take drugs, have unprotected sex, and test the limits of their body? The powerful and addicting feeling of not feeling anything at all. For in that moment, when you are drunk as a skunk, high as a kite, rolling balls, jacked up, tripping face, and/or buzzing off your cigarette, there is a moment of bliss and a feeling that nothing out there could ever hurt you. This is the blissfulness of ignorance, an escape of reality to a blissful, untouchable, carefree state of mind. But this is besides the point. About the Vine to the aliens after the picture of a party scene has flashed across the display, flash to another graduation, to a picture of a business suit, to a first true love, flash a big corporate logo, money, to a wedding, and to the birth of a first child. Then what? Since it is a vine and the videos run on a constant loop, you let it loop back around to the beginning. For this is the vicious cycle that society has made for us to try and follow. Do we tell the aliens about the other roads that could be traveled down? No. Do we show them the pain and suffering that things like a divorces, affairs, or addictions can have on a person or family? No. Do we show them what happens in the end of life whether it be old age or death from diseases such as cancer or AIDS. No. For in that six seconds we have seen the blissfulness that we crave in our everyday ignorant lives.


Life Without Media.

To have life without media would mean a life without every day technology that I take for granted. Without things like social media, news apps, music, email, text messages, shopping apps, basically everything that my iPhone does, I think i would enjoy the beautiful world that is around me a lot more. Thinking about day to day life, I would probably be more friendly just around campus since most of the time when I’m on campus I have my head phones in and keep to myself. Without media and technology in my everyday life I would definitely do more things with other people instead of being such a loner in most of my daily routine. I would probably go out of my way to make an effort in conversing with people out in public, but I also think that us as a society without technology or media, would all be a lot more personal. Maybe thats the beauty of modern day technology and media; It can distract us from how many other people their are around us everyday that we don’t even stop to try and get to know for even a minute. Its kind of sad cause there are a lot of things just underneath the surface of almost everyone that I would like to get to know about them but nobody ever cares enough to give anyone the time of day. So we are stuck living in this blissful ignorance and accepting the distractions of the neediest woman man has ever created, the personal computers.